Andrei Popescu

CXO @ C.O.S.S.

Andrei is a vision-driven entrepreneur with career-long record of business growth and innovation.

Andrei’s international business ventures experienced a verifiable history of growth and expansion during his tenure as managing director having raised significant funds from various institutions, e.g. banks and third parties participating in joint ventures.

Having navigated several business ventures through the economic crisis of 2008, Andrei achieved the maximum operational output with the minimal resource expenditure and learned how to adapt, to survive and to grow in the challenging and rapidly-changing markets.

Andrei is highly skilled at developing new businesses and at nurturing the key relationships allowing to create the win-win scenarios. With his excellent communication skills Andrei can excel the areas of business negotiations, business development, investment management, digital strategy, strategic planning and staff motivation.

Andrei is innovative with respect to the new venture development and the business strategy creation able to see the bigger picture. Andrei’s strong business acumen together with his leadership skills are the tools that he uses to transform his business goals into the accomplished milestones.

Andrei has worked with extraordinary people assisting them in building a number of great companies in Singapore, Austria, Italy and Romania, being intellectually driven to dynamic, challenging, and intense environments.

Andrei has also helped organizations willing to evolve within the challenging markets to break down the barriers that prevented them from unfolding their full potential in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, China and Asia-Pacific.

Though extensive travels Andrei acquired an excellent contact network of very successful and highly-skilled people who can rightfully be considered as  top professionals in their relevant fields and who, like Andrei himself, have a passion for the work they do.

Andrei defines introducing the game-changing technologies and the practices empowering organizations to evolve into becoming the most adaptable and agile businesses as his professional goal, that can radically change the economy of tomorrow.

At the moment, Andrei’s work is focused on the blockchain-related technologies and the SaaS (software as a service) for payments, finance and investments. Andrei believes that technologies such as cryptocurrency, cyber-security, the big data, IoT, data-science and digital identity combined with growth hacking, social media, and cognitive intelligence can deliver unique and award-winning experiences to both companies and customers.